Rajah the Circus Dog

Rajah Rocket is a 4-year-old standard poodle, male.

Rajah weighs 60 # and stands about 34 inches tall. He has a gentle and very playful nature and he loves humans and all animals.

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Poodles come in 4 sizes, the standard being the largest of the breed. This breed is a “water dog” and was historically used by hunters in Germany and France to retrieve game such as ducks from the water after being shot.

The poodle has a very “soft mouth” as a result of this breeding. They can retrieve the game and bring it back to shore without damaging the duck or bird. Some dogs could also be trained to retrieve the arrows that missed the target and fell into the water. Highly intelligent and very athletic, poodles were also commonly used as circus performers in France. They make great family dogs and great companions.  Rajah is hypoallergenic, sheds very little, and is constantly by my side.